Residents graduation graph

1989John M. Slopis, MDUT - MD Anderson
1991Marilyn Duke-Woodside, RN, MDUniversity of Missouri
1993Anne Anderson, MDBaylor College of Medicine
1993Pedro Mancias, MDUT - Houston
1995Alfreda Maller, MD, PhDPrivate Practice
2001Yu-tze Ng, MBBS, FRACPChildren’s Hospital of San Antonio
2004Fernando Acosta, MDCook Children’s Hospital
2004Freedom Perkins, MDUniversity of Tennessee
2004Amy McGregor, MDUniversity of Tennessee
2007Mary Kay Koenig, MDUT - Houston
2007Michael Quach, MDBaylor College of Medicine
2009Michael L. Pearlman, MD, PhDUT/MDA - Neuro-oncology Fellowship
2010Brian Aalbers, DOChildren’s Mercy Hospital
2010Shade’ Moody, MDUT - Neuromuscular Fellowship
2010Zsila Sadighi, MDUT/MDA - Neurooncology Fellowship
2011Ara Hall, MDChildren’s Mercy Hospital
2012Jeremy Lankford, MDUT - Pediatric Epilepsy Fellowship
2013Michael Watkins, MDUT - Pediatric MEG & Surgical Epilepsy Fellowship
2013Nivedita Thakur, MDUT - Neurorehabilitation Fellowship
2013David Doan, MDUT - Pediatric Stroke Fellowship
2014Edward Espineli, MDTexas Children’s Hospital
2014Celine Robinson, DOChildren’s Hospital of Colorado
2014Shaun Varghese, MDTHINK Neurology
2015Kelly Averill, MDUniversity of Texas at San Antonio
2015Michelle Tran, MDTexas Children’s Hospital
2015Leon Grant, DOKapiolani Medical Center for Women and Children
2016Thara Bala, MDTexas Children’s Hospital
2016Michelle Christie, MDUT - Neuromuscular Fellowship
2016Cristina Trandafir, MDUT - Pediatric Epilepsy Fellowship
2017Keely Fitzgerald, MDChildren's Mercy Kansas City
2017Henry Ossó-Rivera, MDNicklaus Children's Hospital - Pediatric Epilepsy Fellowship
2018Dustin Paul, DOUT Southwestern Medical Center - Neuromuscular Fellowship
2018Nitish Chourasia, MDBaylor College of Medicine - Pediatric Epilepsy Fellowship
2018Regina Troxell, MDUniversity of California San Diego - Pediatric Multiple Sclerosis Fellowship

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