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Mitochondrial Center Newsletter 2019
For appointments, please call 713.500.7164

The UT Mitochondrial Center of Excellence under the direction of Dr. Mary Kay Koenig is a multidisciplinary center that provides comprehensive care and services to aid in the diagnosis and management of neurometabolic and mitochondrial disorders in both adult and pediatric patients.


  • Our mission is to provide cutting edge medical care to individuals affected by mitochondrial disorder.
  • To perform both clinical and basic science research.
  • To provide treatment options for patients with mitochondrial disease.
  • To educate medical professionals and the community about mitochondrial disease.

Mitochondrial disease occur when the mitochondria fails to produce enough chemical energy in the form of ATP. Due to this ATP deficiency it is difficult for many parts of the body like the brain, muscles and lungs to function properly. Mitochondrial diseases are inheritable and arise from genetic mutations. We seek to provide exceptional care for our patients and empathize with their family’s concerns. By collaborating with their primary care physician and other medical specialists we provide our patients with the best quality treatment. Each patient is treated with a management plan that is suited to their individual needs. We also conduct world class research to provide cutting edge therapies.

Mary Kay Koenig, MD, Director
Rahmat Adejumo, Research Director
Lakeesha Minor, Clinical Coordinator
Brunessia Lewis, Social Worker
Netsuhe Mengesha, Research Nurse
Lindsey Miller, Research Nurse
Stephanie Maldonado, Research Coordinator
Saba Iqbal, Research Coordinator
Wafa Qulikhan, Research Coordinator
Kenny Cuevas, Administrative Support

Clinic Dates
Mitochondrial New Patients: Second Monday of the Month
Mitochondrial Follow Up: First, Second and Fourth Tuesday of the Month
Leigh: Third Monday of the Month

Contact Us
For appointments, please call 713.500.7164
Fax: 713.500.0719
Facebook Page: @utmito

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