Epilepsy Clinic

Director: Gretchen Von Allmen, MD
Physician Assistant: Olga Rodziyevska PA-C


Approximately 1 in every 285 children has epilepsy, and one-third of these children have seizures that fail to respond well to medications.

Here at the Pediatric Epilepsy Program, it is our goal to provide comprehensive care to each child with epilepsy. We work with patients and their parents to devise an epilepsy management plan that can control their seizures and allow them to reach their full potential as individuals.

Together with the staff and specialists at Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital, we offer the most advanced techniques for epilepsy diagnosis and treatment, including video-EEG monitoring, 3 Tesla MRI and functional MRI, magnetoencephalogram (MEG), PET scan, SPECT scan, WADA testing, and neuropsychological testing.

Treatment options are not limited to drug therapy, and also include focal cortical resection, hemispherectomy, corpus callosotomy, Vagal Nerve Stimulator, and ketogenic diet.

Other members of the Pediatric Epilepsy Team
Jeremy Lankford, MD
Michael Watkins, MD
Michael Funke, MD, PhD
Indira Kommuru, MD
Joshua Breier, PhD, Neuropsychologist

Clinics are held each weekday with the exception of Wednesdays at the UT Professional Building in the Texas Medical Center.

For appointments please call 832.325.6516.