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12 months of Pediatrics12 months of Pediatrics8 months of Adult Neurology4 months of Adult Neurology4 months of Pediatric Neurology
4 months of Pediatric Neurology4 months of Pediatric Neurology8 months of Electives
4 months of Electives

Continuity Clinic

One ½ day per week
2-3 new patients; 3-4 follow ups; 1 hospital follow up
4-5 hrs
Continuity Clinic attendings change every six months so you have a one-on-one teaching experience and exposure to different patient management styles.


Overnight call takes place only during the adult months.

No overnight calls but overnight float system in place.Overnight calls per Pediatric schedule3-4 calls per month during the 8 adult months.1-2 calls per month during the 4 months of adult months.No overnight calls.