Navigating the Festivities: Dr. Salil Bhandari’s Safety Recommendations for the Holidays with KPRC 2 News


The holidays, while filled with joy, can also pose various risks that require awareness and caution. EM’s Salil Bhandari, MD, recently spoke on these invisible threats with KPRC 2 News in a segment called “Be aware of hidden holiday hazards.”

Dr. Bhandari highlighted potential accidents that often occur during these celebratory times, encompassing road rage collisions due to drinking and driving, injuries linked to gifts/toys like motorized scooters, accidents involving falls from ladders while decorating, and kitchen-related injuries or fires while cooking.

Here are some invaluable tips aimed at keeping everyone safe and preventing accidents during this time of year:

1. Drive Responsibly: Avoid drinking and driving at all costs. Designate a sober driver, opt for ride-sharing services, or use public transportation if consuming alcohol.

2. Gift Safety Matters: Choose gifts that are age-appropriate and include necessary safety gear, especially with items like motorized scooters. Always read and follow usage instructions.

3. Decorate Safely: When decorating, prioritize safety by using sturdy ladders, having a spotter, and maintaining balance. Avoid overreaching or taking unnecessary risks.

4. Kitchen Safety Protocols: Exercise caution in the kitchen to prevent injuries and fires. Keep a watchful eye on the stove, use timers, and ensure you have a fire extinguisher readily accessible in case of emergencies.

Dr. Bhandari’s advice serves as a timely reminder to prioritize safety during these fun-filled, wonderful moments with family & friends. Let’s celebrate responsibly, adhering to these crucial tips to ensure joyful and accident-free holidays for all.