Recognizing Dr. Kevin Schulz’s Leadership in UTHealth Houston Mass Casualty Incident Training


The 8th UTHealth Houston Mass Casualty Incident Training, held at the Houston Fire Department (HFD)’s Val Jahnke Fire Training Facility, saw the active participation of nearly 300 individuals in simulated disaster scenarios. This year’s event, dubbed “Save the Fire Ants,” presented students/faculty/staff with various challenges like out-of-control bicyclists, a car explosion, fire trucks, active shooters, and involvement from Houston SWAT.

EM Associate Professor & EMS Fellowship Director, Kevin Schulz, MD, FAEMS, FACEP played a pivotal role in orchestrating the event. His involvement encompassed significant planning and coordination, ensuring the success of the training. Dr. Schulz was highlighted for his involvement in the recent “Mass casualty drill prepares next generation of front-line health care responders” article by the UTHealth Houston | News publication.

Dr. Schulz was also interviewed by KPRC 2 News during their respective “UT Health Mass Casualty Training” segment. Click on the image below for the full clip:

“We have students from multiple, different schools and they’re having to work together with people that they don’t normally work with to figure out how to take care of people under stress, as an interprofessional group.” – Dr. Kevin Schulz

Assistant EMS Physician Director [Schulz] emphasized the extensive preparation involved and expressed gratitude for the support received from the Houston Fire Department, which contributed immensely to the event’s effectiveness and overall impact.

We extend our sincere congratulations and gratitude to Dr. Schulz for his outstanding work and commitment to ensuring the readiness of future healthcare professionals in handling real-world emergencies!