Shockingly Good News: Dr. Shabana Walia Unveils the Power of AEDs in Newsmax Health’s ‘Health Radar


We are delighted to announce that esteemed EM Associate Professor and Director of Global Health, Shabana Walia, MD, MPH has been featured in Newsmax Health‘s February issue of “Health Radar.” In an article titled “An AED Can Save a Life: You Just Need to Turn It On (p.5),” Dr. Walia shares invaluable insights into the critical role automated external defibrillators (AEDs) play in cardiac emergencies.

The article discusses a recent study from Sweden revealing that delivering an AED by drone to a person’s home could potentially allow for life-saving intervention three minutes before an ambulance arrives. Dr. Walia emphasizes the significance of AEDs, citing a Swedish study that suggests a three-minute time save could increase survival rates from 10% to an impressive 60%.

Understanding Cardiac Arrest: The Facts

Dr. Walia explains that cardiac arrest is a sudden and unexpected cessation of heart function. She stresses the urgency of responding promptly, as cardiac arrest outside a hospital setting is fatal about 90% of the time.

Simple Steps to Save a Life

Dr. Walia provides clear steps for bystanders who witness a cardiac arrest, emphasizing the crucial role of AEDs:

1. Check for breathing and a pulse.
2. Call 911.
3. Start CPR immediately.
4. Retrieve the AED or have someone else get it.
5. Follow AED instructions: apply pads, turn it on, and let it guide you.
6. Continue CPR until emergency responders arrive.

“Anyone can use an AED. You just have to turn it on and follow the visual or audible instructions” – Dr. Shabana Walia

Dr. Walia encourages everyone to take action in case of a cardiac emergency, stressing that even without training, your willingness to perform chest compressions and use an AED can significantly increase someone’s chance of survival. For more information on CPR and AED training, click here.

Let’s spread awareness and empower our community to be prepared for cardiac emergencies. Together, we can make a difference and save lives.