Resident Tox & ID Field Trip: A Wild Day of Discovery at the Houston Zoo


Our EM Residents and Faculty embarked on an exciting adventure to the Houston Zoo for their Tox & ID Field Trip. Spearheaded by the dynamic duo of PGY3 and Chief Resident, Lauren Bayliss, and PGY2, Hannah Harvey, the day was an absolute triumph.

The event kicked off with an engaging scavenger hunt, uniquely tailored to focus on zoonotic diseases and envenomation. The search for answers served as a dynamic platform for hands-on learning, allowing residents to explore the intricate connections between animals and infectious diseases.

As we celebrate this unique adventure, we anticipate more enriching experiences on the horizon. Our heartfelt thanks to Lauren and Hannah for their dedication and creativity, making this field trip a memorable success. Such events play a crucial role in the growth of our residents and strengthen our community bonds. Stay tuned for updates on upcoming events that continue to make the department of emergency medicine a place of learning and collaboration.