Cultivating Excellence: EM Faculty Hosts Dynamic Clinical Skills Lab for Military Medical Students!


A round of applause  to our EM Faculty & Residents for hosting an incredible Clinical Skills Lab for the Military Medical Student Association (MMSA) in McGovern Medical School’s SIM Center!

Under the expert guidance of Jessica Wilson, MD alongside the invaluable assistance of Christine Ju, MD and PGY1 Altamish Daredia, students delved into a series of enriching sessions tailored to enhance their clinical acumen and readiness.

Here’s a glimpse into the action-packed agenda:

1. Airway Mastery: From mastering Bag-Valve-Mask (BVM) techniques to navigating the intricacies of intubation, students honed critical airway management skills crucial in emergency scenarios.

2. Hemorrhage Control: Armed with knowledge on tourniquet application, pelvic binder usage, and discussions on essential field agents like quick clot, combat gauze, and pressure dressings, students were empowered to tackle hemorrhagic emergencies with confidence.

3. Access Expertise: Through hands-on practice in Intraosseous (IO) Placement and Intravenous (IV) Access, students gained proficiency in swiftly establishing crucial access points vital for delivering life-saving interventions.

We extend our gratitude to all the military-bound students whose enthusiastic participation made this event a resounding success. Special thanks to Drs. Wilson, Ju, and Altamish for their unwavering dedication and support in orchestrating this enriching clinical skills lab.

Here’s to fostering future generations of competent medical professionals ready to serve with excellence and compassion!