Camp Hope

McGovern Medical School Pediatric Infectious Diseases has partnered with Camp Hope. Established in 1996, Camp Hope was the first camp for HIV-positive children in Texas. Camp Hope is first and foremost a chance for campers to escape the burdens of living with a debilitating disease. For an entire week HIV-positive children ages seven to 15 engage in traditional camp activities, sing songs, ride horses and just enjoy being a kid. Camp Hope also provides a chance for campers to challenge themselves and grow. They face their fears by singing karaoke in the talent show or swimming to the deep end of the pool. They conquer their uncertainty and build self-esteem by climbing to the top of the rock climbing tower and sliding down the zip line. Year after year, timid, hesitant kids arrive, but by the end of the week they have an increased sense of confidence, rejuvenated hope for their futures and the knowledge that they are not restricted by their illness.