Camper Information

The philosophy of Camp PHEver is to provide a camp that allows children with PKU and their siblings to enjoy a normal camp experience while maintaining the necessary diet restrictions. Our objectives are to restore the self-esteem and confidence that children often lose because of their special diets. Although we focus on having FUN, our campers receive education about PKU and their diets. We want children with PKU and their siblings to have the opportunities to meet other children and adults with PKU and encourage all to share their experience and make new friends.

Camp is held at Camp For All, a campsite built for children and adults with medical conditions, and disabilities. It is located on a 206-acre site in Washington County near Brenham, TX.

Drop Off time: 1-3pm on Sunday (specific camper drop off time determined prior to camp)

Pick up time: 10AM on Friday

Unfortunately, Camp PHEver staff are unable to offer rides to local airports at this time. Please communicate with our camp families to coordinate rides via our Facebook page.

Age requirement
Minimum age: 6 years old
Maximum age: 18 years old
Exception: High school seniors may attend as campers in the summer following their senior year.

Siblings are welcome if space permits. Children with PKU will have priority if space is limited.

Registration/Deposit fee (non-refundable)

Camp Fee
$525.00 (includes registration fee, room, board, and meals) – due 6/21/2024

Camp Timeline
Camper drop off is on Sunday afternoon. Camper pick up is the following Friday morning.

A limited amount of full and partial financial assistance is available. The registration/deposit fee of $25.00 is required even when requesting financial assistance.

Camp For All is a unique camping facility that works to enrich the lives of people with chronic illness and disabilities. The cabins are spacious, sleeping 12-16 people. Each cabin is equipped with air-conditioning and attached bathrooms/showers.

Address: 6301 Rehburg Road, Burton, TX 77835 Website:

Camp Activities
Canoeing, fishing, swimming, hiking on nature trails, sports, horseback riding, arts and crafts, cooking challenge, talent show, the annual camp dance, and much more.

A dietitian-created and chef-prepared menu of low protein meals. After completion of registration, you will be prompted to preselect a low protein menu for any camper requiring a low protein diet. This is a great time for your child with PKU to try new foods! Low protein and protein free snacks will also be provided. If there are siblings without PKU, they will be allowed to eat from the regular meal line. Parents are not permitted to pack snacks for their campers, all food and snacks will be provided by the camp. 

Formula (Medical Food Product)
Formula will be prepared each night before dinner by the camper. Your child’s counselor and our Camp PHEver dietitians will be there to assist in preparing formula; however, we expect the formula to come measured and divided per directions below:

  • Bring enough formula and medication to last six days (five days of camp + one extra day for emergencies)
  • Bring at least three mixing containers for mixing formula
  • Pre-measure and label formula for each day in separate sealable/Ziploc bags. Label bags with the camper’s name and cabin number. You should have six labeled bags of formula with your child’s name and cabin number on them.
  • Divide formula per day, not per meal. The entire day’s formula will be made at one time and the camper will be able to separate the formula out at each meal.
  • Bring any special ingredients (soda, juice, sugar, Koolaid, etc.) which are used to mix in formula. Label with the camper’s name and cabin number. You may mix dry ingredients into formula prior to camp.
  • Bring your medical food product (formula) to camp with you. Please do not mail formula.
  • We will offer water to mix with powdered formula. Formula will be kept in refrigerator overnight and between meals.
  • Mixing bottles should be large enough to hold the entire day’s worth of formula. Please label all bottles and lids with the camper’s name and cabin number to avoid lost items.
  • Please bring all formula in a large bag (grocery bag or paper bag) with the camper’s name and cabin number on the outside of the bag.

Sunday Dropoff
If your child has formula to finish on Sunday, after being dropped off, please provide the formula to the dietitians at check in. It can be placed in the refrigerator or on the cabin table until dinner.

If you have any questions regarding diet and formula, please email

Register a Camper

For questions regarding registration, email

What to bring to Camp checkoff sheet (this link will take you to another website)
Driving Directions to Camp For All (this link will take you to another website)