Medical Genetics Screening Clinic

Our Medical Genetics screening clinic offers genetic counseling for families and individuals (both children and adults) who are referred to discuss genetic testing for various disorders.

You or your child may benefit from genetic counseling if:

  • There is a personal and/or family history of the following conditions:
  1. Developmental delay
  2. Intellectual disability
  3. Autism spectrum disorder
  4. Learning problems
  5. Family history of a known genetic condition
  6. Family history of cancer
  • You or a family member has had genetic testing and would like more information about the meaning of the test result
  • There is a known genetic change (i.e. “mutation”) in the family that may be associated with or is definitively known to cause one of the previously mentioned conditions

Services of our Genetics Screening Clinic include:

  • Collection, evaluation, and review of medical and family histories in order to provide a thorough risk assessment
  • Discussion of the benefits and limitations to genetic testing
  • Coordination and ordering of genetic testing
  • Interpretation and explanation of genetic testing results

After your Visit:

  • Once you meet with the genetic counselor, a visit summary will be sent to your referring physician
  • If testing was ordered during your visit, you will be contacted with results when they are available
  • An appointment will be made with a Medical Geneticist who will review your test results and assess whether any additional testing is necessary