Neurogenetics Clinic

Our Neurogenetics clinic offers genetic counseling for families and individuals (both children and adults) who have a known genetic condition.


You and your family may benefit from genetic counseling if:

  • There is a personal and/or family history of the following conditions:
    • Seizure disorder with a known genetic change
    • Micro-deletion or Micro-duplication syndrome that causes neurologic medical problems.
    • Intellectual disability with a known genetic change
    • Mitochondrial disorder with a known genetic change
    • Any positive (“pathogenic”) genetic test result in an individual with neurologic medical problems.
  • You or a family member has had genetic testing with a positive (“pathogenic”) result and would like more information about the meaning of the test result
  • There is a known genetic change (i.e. “mutation”) in the family that may be associated with or is definitively known to cause one of the previously mentioned conditions.

Services of our Neurogenetics Clinic include:

  • Collection, evaluation, and review of medical and family histories in order to provide a thorough risk assessment for the entire family.
  • Interpretation and explanation of genetic testing results
  • Review and explain the nature of the hereditary neurologic disorder
  • Discuss recurrence risk (i.e. chance that an inherited disease that is present in a family will happen again in that family) of the condition in the family
  • Coordinate follow-up family genetic testing, if needed
  • Counseling and support regarding the emotional and psychosocial impact of having a heritable neurologic conditions as well as raising a child with a neurologic condition.