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Advanced Musculoskeletal Imaging and Procedures

Procedures that we provide

Steroid / Toradol                             PRP – Platelet Rich Plasma
Visco Supplement                           Barbotage
Facet Joint                                        ESI
Aspiration                                         Labs for Fluid

Order Forms:

Musculoskeletal Special Procedure Order Form
UT Katy location order form
UT 3T MRI order form
Second read order form

Scheduling Information

Please fax all orders to 713-500-7710. The patient will be contacted to schedule an appointment. Patients requiring sedation can be accommodated at MHOSH or at TMC MH main hospital.



TMC MH OPID                                                     MHOSH

Phone: 713-272-1663 Fax: 713-512-6041       Phone: 713-314-4158 Fax: 713-314-4156

UT ATH Katy                                                       UT 3T MRI center

Phone: 713-486-9897 Fax: 281-574-1464       Phone: 713-500-6916 Fax: 713-500-0698