LBJ House Call Program

The geriatric house call program provides routine medical care to patients who are immobile or at risk for frequent hospitalizations due to their chronic disease. (This is not an option for urgent care.)

  • The house call program provides comprehensive medical and social services to older adults unable to come to the clinic.
  • The program includes geriatricians, geriatric nurse practitioners, as well as physical therapists, social workers, dieticians, and pharmacists. The program offers coordinated care of a multidisciplinary treatment plan.
  • The home visit physicians and nurse practitioners become the primary care physician for these patients. With frequent home visits, we strive to prevent hospitalizations and maintain a healthy quality of life at home.
  • Our medical services include but are not limited to a complete geriatric assessment, screening, and treatment for common geriatric illnesses such as dementia, diabetes, heart problems, osteoporosis, arthritis, functional decline/falls, and malnutrition, and evaluation and management of medications.

 To schedule an appointment:

  • Call the House Call Program at 713-814-4505



  • Jessica Lee, MD
  • Cristina Murdock, MD
  • Linda Pang, MD

Nurse Practitioners:

  • Grace Akwari, NP
  • Latrell Darwin, NP
  • Edna Garcia, NP
  • Delphine Mepewou, NP
  • Theclar Omeh, NP
  • Nadia Salas, NP
  • Ifeoma Umeh, NP