Microsurgical Robotics Laboratory

The Microsurgical Robotics Laboratory led by Dr. Daniel H. Kim focuses on developing next-generation robotic devices for treating endovascular conditions such as cerebral stroke and other life-threatening conditions such as fetal malformations and brain abnormalities via microsurgery.  Devices are miniaturized to navigate through small, narrow, and branched blood vessels in the brain and access deep sites in the body that are currently unreachable with other surgical devices.  With microsurgical robotic devices, patients can be treated remotely when living in isolated regions of the world where special surgical procedures are not otherwise readily accessible.

Dr. Dong Suk Shin

Dr. Daniel H. Kim is a Professor in the Department of Neurosurgery at the University of Texas Health Science Center in Houston where he also serves as Director of Reconstructive Spinal Neurosurgery and Reconstructive Peripheral Nerve Surgery.  Dr. Kim is also adjunct professor in the Department of Bioengineering and Electrical and Computer Engineering at Rice University.  Dr. Kim has built an academic program focused on innovation in medical device technology and minimally invasive surgical techniques for the spine. Dr. Kim oversees the development engineering team of the lab and Dr. Dongsuk Shin serves as a lead engineer under Dr. Kim’s guidance.

Dr. Mark Dannenbaum, an Assistant Professor in the Department of Neurosurgery at the University of Texas Health Science Center in Houston is an endovascular neurosurgeon. He currently co-directs the development of microsurgical robotic devices, particularly steerable robotic microcatheters for endovascular procedures.


1) Steerable robotic microcatheters for cerebral stroke intervention

2) Microsurgical robotics for fetal, brain, and endonasal surgery

3) Image-guided, robot-assisted surgery


Daniel Kim, M.D., Professor
Dong Suk Shin, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Mark Dannenbaum, M.D., Assistant Professor
Viljar Palmre, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Taeho Jang, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Seoungkyou Lee, Ph.D., Instructor
Take-soo Kim, Ph.D., Senior Research Scientist
Sangrok Jin, Ph.D., Senior Research Associate
Jaeyeon Lee, Ph.D., Senior Research Associate
Yongman Park, M.S., Senior Research Engineer
Jeihan Lee, M.S., Research Engineer
Kyujin Kim, M.S., Research Engineer
Jiwon Choi, M.S., Research Engineer
Wan-Ching Chen, LLM., Research Engineer
Minjung Park, Ph.D., Research Engineer
Kihoon Nam, M.S., Research Engineering Assistant
Seokyung Han, M.S., Research Engineering Assistant
Sunki Kim, M.S., Research Engineering Assistant
Soogon Yoo, M.S., Research Engineering Assistant
Tonis Tiimus, M.S., Research Engineering Assistant
Youngsoung Kim, M.S., Research Engineering Assistant
Jungsoo Nam, M.S., Research Engineering Assistant
Jonghyun Kim, B.S., Research Assistant
Hongmin Kim, M.S., Research Assistant
Si Jine Roh, B.S., Research Assistant
Sang-Hun Yu, B.S., Research Assistant
Daniel D. Kim, B.S., Research Assistant
Seungwoo Park, B.S., Research Technician
Byungsik Cheon, M.S., Research Engineering Assistant
Woosung Jo, M.S., Research Assistant
Jaebum Pyo, M.S., Research Assistant
Cora McKenzie, B.S., Research Assistant


Email: Dong.Suk.Shin@uth.tmc.edu
Office Phone: 713-500-5534


Microsurgical Device

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