Our program is at the cutting edge of medical education because we combine the best aspects of traditional clinical education and modern teaching techniques. From diagnostic to interventional neurology, your experience will be vast and comprehensive. Formal education time is strictly protected and comprises of noon lectures three times a week, weekly mystery case conference, monthly Chairwoman’s rounds, morbidity and mortality conference, and several types of multidisciplinary conferences.

  • July/August: Foundations/Neurological Emergencies
  • Acute Stroke Simulations and Teleneurology Simulations
  • Other Topics throughout the year:
    • Stroke
    • Neuroradiology
    • Neurocritical Care
    • Peripheral Neuroanatomy
    • Neuromuscular
    • Epilepsy
    • Neuroimmunology
    • Neurocognitive and Behavioral Neurology
    • Movement Disorders
    • Neuro-ophthalmology/Neuro-otology/Neuro-oncology
  • January/February: RITE review
  • Journal Club, Quality Improvement Projects, and Grand Rounds
  • Business of Medicine Lecture Series (Billing/Coding, Leadership, Lobby/Advocacy, Entrepreneurship, Personal Finance, and more)

The BoardVitals question bank and AAN Continuum subscription are provided by the department for every resident. Residents are also given complimentary membership to the Houston Neurological Society, Texas Neurological Society, as well as the American Academy of Neurology, and department support is available for all residents wishing to travel to and/or present at out of town conferences.