Formal, structured didactic teaching from 12-2pm every Monday and Wednesday. Covers curriculum over 12 months from July to June of the academic year:

  • June/July: Neurology Emergencies/Foundations
  • August: Movement Disorders
  • September: Epilepsy/Neuroradiology
  • October: Neuromuscular
  • November: Neurocognitive/Behavioral
  • December: Neuro-oncology/Neuroradiology
  • January: RITE review
  • February: RITE review
  • March: Neuroimmunology/Neuroradiology
  • April:Headache
  • May: Cerebrovascular/ NTICU/Neuroradiology
  • June: Neuro-ophthalmology/Neuro-otology

Regular scheduled conferences throughout the year:

  • Chairwoman’s conference – once per month
  • Neuromuscular case conference – once per month
  • Evidence based medicine lectures-once per month
  • Clinical localization lectures – every Tuesday
  • Morbidity & Mortality meetings – once per month
  • Brain cutting (with neuropathologist)-once per month
  • Pediatric Neurology Grand Rounds: 8-9am every Friday
  • Neurology Grand Rounds: 12-1pm every Friday