Evaluation of the Student’s Performance

All third-year required clinical clerkships will use the same process to provide mid-rotation feedback to students.  The mid-rotation feedback process will include the following three components:

1.            A self-assessment of performance completed by the student (assigned/completed via one45).

2.            An assessment of performance completed by the attending (assigned/completed via one45).

3.            A review of the student’s patient encounter and clinical skills grids.

Students will complete their self-assessment in one45 before meeting with their attending.  Students will print a hard copy of the completed self-assessment as well as their patient encounter and clinical skills grids showing the encounters and skills logged to date.  The attending will review these materials with the student at the time of their mid-rotation feedback session, and may make suggestions to help the student make up any potential deficiencies.  After the student/attending meeting, the attending will document the mid-rotation feedback, as well as the review of the patient encounter and clinical skills grids, using the form assigned to them in one45.

You will be evaluated at the end of each two week section by your attending on One45. Each student will be evaluated on the performance goals and/or objectives previously listed in this handout and the components of the Student Evaluation form. This will account for 60% of your grade.  We will take the highest score on the evaluations from each site to average out to the final evaluation score. You must have ONE evaluation from each site calculated for your overall evaluation grade.

In addition, students will be required to perform a complete neurological  examination  for the resident, fellow or attending. (This form will be handed out at orientation).

The students will take the National Board Shelf Exam and the end of their clerkship.

Please visit the Student Affairs website for more information regarding absentee policy, duty hours, and student mistreatment.