Medical Students – Third Year Clerkship


Welcome to the Neurology clerkship at UT Health!  Our clerkship is a four week required third year rotation. Our goal is not only to excite and educate budding neurologists, but to educate all medical students sufficiently to appropriately evaluate the patient with a neurologic complaint or deficit. Students (our future physicians) should leave our clerkship with the ability to successfully perform a thorough history and neurologic exam, the ability to “localize the lesion” and the ability to provide an appropriate diagnosis and treatment plan.

We believe students learn the most when they actively participate in their own learning as opposed to passive learning. Therefore, we want you to consider it your job to take a professional approach during this clerkship. We will teach you, encourage you, spend time with you and hopefully give you the experiences you need to continue to grow.

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Course Director
Erin Furr-Stimming, MD
6431 Fannin Street –  MSB 7.120
Houston, Texas 77030

Course Coordinator
Sherri McCollum
6431 Fannin Street – MSB 7.101
Houston, Texas 77030