Class of 2023

Mohammad Ahmad, MD
Phonetic pronunciation: Mo-Ham-mad Ah-mad or just Mo

Medical School: Jordan University of Science and Technology
Interests: vascular neurology, neurocritical care

Angelica Cornejo, MD
Phonetic pronunciation: An-hel-ika Cor-ne-ho

Medical School: Universidad Internacional del Ecuador
Interests: neurophysiology

Billie Hsieh, MD (Chief Resident)
Phonetic pronunciation: Bill-Lee Shay

Undergrad: California State University, Los Angeles
Medical School: University of Queensland
Interests: neurophysiology, neuromuscular/EMG, headache, pain, vascular Neurology

Lamya Ibrahim, MD (Chief Resident)
Phonetic pronunciation: /La-Mya I-brA-him/

Medical School: Mysore Medical College & Research Institute, India
Interests: vascular neurology, neurophysiology, neurohospitalist, social disparities in healthcare

Minseon Kim, MD
Phonetic pronunciation: Min-sun (as in Sunday) Kim

Undergrad: Columbia University, New York
Medical School:  Yonsei University, South Korea
Interests: neurophysiology

Christopher Orlando, MD, MPH
Phonetic pronunciation: KRISS-tuh-fur or-LAN-doe

Undergrad: University of Utah
Medical School: University of Utah School of Medicine (MD/MPH)
Interests: neuroimmunology, autoimmune neurology, health equity, social determinants of health

Sonia Kaur Singh, MD
Phonetic pronunciation: SOWN-yah Sing

Medical School: Kasturba Medical College, Mangalore (Manipal University)
Interests: neuroimmunology/autoimmune neurology, neuroinfectious diseases, neuropsychiatry, DEI and medical education

Nafee Talukder, MD
Phonetic pronunciation: Nah-Fee Tah-Look-Dur

Undergrad: The University of Texas at Austin
Medical School: A.T. Still University
Interests: intractable epilepsy, intraoperative monitoring, nocturnal seizures and parasomnias

Muhammad Bilal Tariq, MD (Chief Resident)

Medical School: The Aga Khan University, Karachi, Pakistan
Interests: vascular neurology, endovascular neurology


Emily Tharp, MD

Undergrad: Villanova University
Medical School: Rush Medical College
Interests: movement disorders