High Dose Vitamin D Plus Multivitamin Trial

High Dose Vitamin D Plus Multivitamin in the Prevention of Cluster Headache

Vitamin D plays an essential role in our body and is most known for facilitating bone development and health. Outside of bone health, Vitamin D also plays an important role in the immune, muscular, and nervous systems.

Data from a support group for cluster headache called Clusterbusters has suggested that high dose Vitamin D may be helpful in preventing cluster headache attacks. It is with this data, and the help of people who helped with the initial Clusterbusters research, that we aimed to confirm the findings in our randomized, controlled, double-blinded parallel study.

The study is 7 weeks long:

  • 1 week of baseline period: Labcorp bloodwork and electronic headache diary
  • 3 weeks of double-blind period of either cellulose placebo pill or 10,000IU Vitamin D and multivitamin
  • 3 weeks of un-blinded period of 10,000IU Vitamin D and multivitamin

You will receive a $20 gift card for completing the baseline period and another $20 for completing the entire trial.

To qualify you must be:

  • Between the age of 18 and 70 years old
  • Have cluster headache (either episodic or chronic version)
  • Have no existing coagulation disorder (as this study includes Vitamin K)

If you are interested in the Vitamin D study for cluster headache, please contact the research team at (713) 486-7771 or email us at nctt.wec@uth.tmc.edu for more information.

The enrollment process will require a 15-minute initial phone call with the study coordinator or a research nurse, and a following 30-minute phone call with the principal investigator Dr. Mark Burish.