Electives may consist of subspecialty, research, individually developed elective, and career-based primary services based on individual career goals and interests.  This time may be spent on a clinical rotation or performing clinical or lab based research.

Listed below are electives available at The University of Texas Medical School at Houston toward completing a pediatric residency. All electives require the approval of the Program Director. If you wish to take an elective NOT listed below, you will need to contact the appropriate Attending or Division Director to arrange it.

Residents interested in electives for interest in fellowship may substitute a subspecialty rotation during their PGY-1and PGY-2 years. Residents have 3 electives during their PGY-3 year.  If desired, one elective may be a second month of a subspecialty already taken

Away Electives

Away electives may only be taken with approval from the Residency Program Director. For most away electives, you will need to take Leave of Absence without pay as the Medical Foundation can pay you only if they can bill one of our affiliated hospitals. However, credit may be earned toward completing your residency for legitimately educational away electives.

If you wish to take an elective at Baylor College of Medicine, they will require you to purchase one month of their malpractice insurance, which has much higher limits than that provided by most institutions. Be prepared to spend at least $200 for extra malpractice insurance.

Pediatric Electives and Course Directors

Pediatric Elective Course Director(s)
Adolescent Medicine or Sports Medicine Dr. Mona Eissa, Dr. Michelle Barratt
Allergy-Immunology Dr. Susan Pacheco
Ambulatory Pediatric Dr. Michelle Barratt
Practice Management Dr. Michelle Barratt
Private Practice May arrange to spend one month with a member of active clinical faculty.
Power Center Dr. Johnnie Frazier
NAM Dr. Lisa DeYbarrondo
Cardiology Dr. John Breinholt III
Chronic Care Dr. Ebony Beaudoin
Developmental/Behavioral Dr. Anson Koshy
Endocrinology Dr. Michael Yafi
Gastroenterology Dr. Marc Rhoads
Genetics Dr. Hope Northrup
Hematology Dr. Deborah Brown
Infectious Diseases Dr. Gloria Heresi
Nephrology Dr. Joshua Samuels
Neurology (Peds) Dr. Jeremy Lankford
NICU (Level 2) and/or High Risk Clinic Dr. Suzanne Lopez
Palliative Care Dr. Holly Volek-Smith
Pathology (Peds) Dr. Nina Tatavian
Psychiatry (Child) Dr. Sonja Randle, Dr. Andrew Harper
Pulmonary (Peds) Dr. James Stark
Pediatric Radiology Dr. Susan John
Rheumatology Dr. Ankur Kamdar
Global Health Dr. Emma Omoruyi
Anesthesia Dr. Ranu Jain
Research Elective Up to 2 months. Approval from the Program Director is required. Arrange this individually with the appropriate Attending and confirm with the Program Director.

Other available electives are as follows:

  • Transport
  • Dermatology
  • Advocacy
  • Medical Journalism
  • Global Health
  • Hospital Medicine