Class of 2024

Amanda Breaux, MD, MPH
Phonetic pronunciation: “Breaux” rhymes with “


Undergrad: Louisiana State University
Medical School: Tulane University (MD/MPH)
Fellowship plans: neurophysiology at UTHealth Houston

Amy Durand, MD
Phonetic pronunciation: A-me Dur-and


Undergrad: Texas A&M University
Medical School: UTHealth Houston, McGovern Medical School
Fellowship plans: neuro-ophthalmology 

Elli Hoge, MD
Phonetic pronunciation: El-lee Hoagie (like the sandwich, rhymes with bogey the golf term)


Undergrad: Texas Christian University
Medical School: UT Southwestern Medical Center
Fellowship plans: Epilepsy at UTHealth Houston

Shirin Jamal Omidi, MD
Phonetic pronunciation:  shi-rin


Medical School:  Hamedan University of Medical Sciences
Fellowship plans: Epilepsy at Mayo Clinic, Rochester 


Abraham John, MD, MHA
Phonetic pronunciation: A-bra-ham John


Undergrad: Penn State University
Medical School: American University of Antigua (MD/MHA)
Fellowship plans: Vascular Neurology at Thomas Jefferson University 

Vivek Mehta, MD
Phonetic pronunciation: vih-vayk


Undergrad: Washington University in St. Louis
Medical School: UTHealth Houston, McGovern Medical School
Fellowship plans: MS/Neuroimmunology at Washington University at St. Louis 

Chiemela Onyekere, MD


Undergrad: University of Texas at Arlington
Medical School: University of Kansas
Fellowship plans: Neuro-hospitalist at UTHealth Houston

Ashley Streseman, MD
Phonetic pronunciation: Stress-man

Undergrad: Texas Tech University
Medical School: Texas Tech Health Sciences, Lubbock
Fellowship plans: MS/Neuroimmunology at UTHealth Houston

Walker Wiggins, MD, PhD
Phonetic pronunciation: Wa-Ker

Undergrad: University of Southern Mississippi
Medical School: University of Mississippi Medical Center (MD/PhD)
Fellowship plans: Neurocritical Care at Columbia University