Academy of Master Educators

What is a Master Educator?

For the purpose of membership in the McGovern Medical School “Academy of Master Educators” (MMS-AME), and given the diversity of educational practices and engagement of MMS faculty with the broader educational community, it is important for the applicant to have a clear understanding of what is meant by “Master Educator”.

A Master Educator:

  • has clear, realistic and important goals that reflect the needs of the profession, society, learners and other faculty.
  • is prepared to teach effectively, and takes advantage of new strategies to deal with challenging issues.
  • uses appropriate methods to teach or design an educational program or curriculum that is consistent with the current literature.
  • employs educational strategies that can serve as a model for others. Goals are outlined. Results are disseminated or published.
  • formally shares lessons learned or shares enduring materials with peers at the local, regional, or national level.
  • acts as a peer reviewer of educational grants, journals, curriculum or awards.
  • uses feedback from learners and peers to modify his or her leadership style, teaching, and educational materials.
  • provides vision, direction, and leadership for educational programs, while incorporating effective group processes to achieve desired programmatic goals effectively and efficiently.
  • serves the educational community through active participation in and contribution to local, regional, national, and international educational organizations.

McGovern Medical School Academy of Master Educators serves to foster institutional and faculty activities related to the mission of undergraduate and graduate education. The AME is dedicated to promoting and enhancing:

  • Education of future physicians, dentists, and biomedical scientists
  • Educational knowledge and skills of all teaching faculty
  • Curricular innovation
  • Professional development of educators
  • Educational scholarship
  • Support of MMS educational initiatives with dedicated resources, including endowments and grants

  • The honor of being recognized as a “Master Educator” by your peers. All Academy members will be eligible for the designation of “Distinguished Educator Professor.”
  • Opportunity to participate in a local “learning community” with other faculty educators.
  • Opportunity to meet new collaborators and to receive support for participation in scholarly educational activities and defined educational projects.
  • Support for personal development of one’s educational knowledge and skills (education meetings, courses, workshops, colloquia, seminar programs, journal clubs).
  • Opportunity to mentor and to be mentored.
  • Participation in enhancement of the educational environment for the entire MMS community and for advocating institutional recognition and rewards of faculty educators.
  • Opportunity to promote new and enhanced disciplinary and interdisciplinary educational programs.
  • Opportunity for financial support as it becomes available (e.g., support for education-related activities, Master-Teacher Program, endowed professorships).
  • Support for participation in degree programs (e.g., Master’s (MS) in education).

  • Attend Academy events and functions.
  • Serve on Academy committees and teams.
  • Develop and evaluate innovative educational programs.
  • Mentor other MMS faculty engaged in educational activities.
  • Attend Academy-sponsored educational courses, workshops and colloquia.
  • Participate in Academy-sponsored seminars and journal clubs.
  • Attend Academy-sponsored educational retreats.
  • Engage in scholarly educational activities.
  • Participate in institutional applications for educational grants and other financial resources.
  • Represent the Academy locally, regionally and nationally.

McGovern Medical School Academy of Master Educators (AME) is a formal organization of distinguished scholars recognized for their teaching and educational excellence, and committed to the enhancement of medical and graduate education. A goal of the AME is to have diverse membership representing the many disciplines in health science education. AME members will encourage faculty who are dedicated to scholarly teaching and to educational scholarship and will serve as professional role models and mentors for faculty, residents, fellows, and students.

The goals of the AME are to:

  • Recognize and reward outstanding educators for their exceptional contributions;
  • Support faculty development for education;
  • Promote the academic advancement of educators in the health sciences;
  • Encourage development and implementation of innovative educational projects, including collaboration among disciplines and institutions;
  • Promote curriculum design and reform;
  • Foster educational scholarship and research and provide financial assistance for new and innovative educational projects

Program Coordinator:  Alicia Howard
Academy of Master Educators
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Telephone: (713) 500-6841
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