Funding Opportunities

There are a variety of ways students can receive funding for research at the McGovern Medical School (MMS) at UTHealth.  These include internal funding as well as external funding sources.  For questions regarding the following funding opportunities, email us at

Internal Funding

Students in SRP receive a Stipend to assist with their cost of living.  To see details regarding administration of the stipend and what you need to do expand “Stipend – SRP MS1 Student” option below.

There are two sources of funding for first year student Summer Research Program.  Limited financial support is provided by the Dean’s Office.  All students should apply to the Summer Research Program to receive support.  Students who do not receive funding are encouraged to negotiate a stipend with their faculty mentor.

Research Awards

Students may receive awards for exceptional scholarship. See the details of available awards that students are eligible to receive below:

C. Frank Webber Prize Competition for Student Research – MS1 SRP Students
The John P. and Kathrine G. McGovern Medical Student Research Awards | ACT & SCP – MS4 Students
Emil Steinberger Award – Ob-Gyn/Reproductive – MS4 Students

Travel Awards

Student in the SRP may apply for travel funds specific to their research areas.  See the travel awards available below:

Submit your Student Travel Application to Rebecca Mathews.  Additional required travel forms can be found by accessing the MMS CANVAS page under the “Travel” tab.

Stanley G. Schultz Student Travel Award |Global Health Concentration Application – MS2-MS4 Students
Mark E. Stinson | Global Health Student Assistance Fund  – Global Health | Public Health | Informatic Training – MS2-MS4 Students

External Funding

McGovern Medical School students may apply for external fellowships, awards or scholarships to fund their summer research activities.  Typically funded by professional societies, these awards are for students seriously considering research in specific specialty areas. A few tips to consider when applying for an externally funded award:

  • Start planning in the early Fall.  Most application deadlines are in January or February.
  • Establish a mentor who is willing to work with you on the project.  Most proposals require a description of a research project, if so you will need a mentor who can guide and advise.
  • Apply early.  These are competitive national awards; early applications will assure full review and allow time to apply for SRP funds should the fellowship not be received.
  • Be aware and prepared.  Individual Fellowships may include additional requirements, including travel and presentations at annual meetings related to the specialty or society
  • Communicate with the SRP Program Coordinator about the application and its outcome so that all are informed and SRP funding advisement can be given in a timely way.

To see a list of external individual fellowships, please visit the MSRO- Medical Student Research Resources canvas site.

Updated as of 1/27/2024