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Many teaching strategies can be learned through workshops, yet individual consultation is still one of the most valuable services we offer to educators. Each 30-minute consultation is tailored to meet your needs and goals for improvement.
* All consultations are confidential. We do not disclose any information to others.

We are available to provide consultation to faculty in the following areas:

Faculty may request a Peer Coach to observe a teaching session with feedback provided by the peer. The purpose of peer coaching is to provide you with the opportunity to reflect on and enhance the quality of your teaching. Through peer feedback in a non-threatening, supportive environment, this activity supports sharing of ideas and expertise among educators. Each observation activity is focused on your needs and to build awareness about the impact of your teaching on learning.

Teaching – Peer Coaching
1. Active Learning
2. Presentation Style
3. PPT Slides
4. Communication

Faculty interested in educational research, curriculum design, or program evaluation can reach out to us to discuss the design and implementation methods.

Educational research/scholarship
1. Research design
2. Survey design
3. Data collection method

Curriculum Development
1. Course design
2. Syllabus
3. Learner Assessment
4. Program Evaluation

Study and Test-Taking Consultation
1. Board Exam
2. In-training Exam

If technology will support the pursuit of your teaching goals, you can consult with a member of our technology staff. We can help you think about effective uses of presentation software, Canvas, course websites, blogs, wikis, mobile technologies, audio and video projects, and many others.

Technology Use
1. Canvas
2. Instructional Design
3. InteDashboard
4. Module or Multimedia Production
5. One45
6. Panopto
7. Poll Everywhere
8. Qualtrics
9. ScholarRx

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