Each year, the Academy holds an Open House and publishes a general call to faculty requesting a formal letter of intent to apply for membership. Educators must first submit a letter of intent, a letter of nomination by their chairperson or division director, and a current CV, to the Academy office by the specified deadline. Following initial review by the Academy Selection Committee, individual faculty may be invited to apply for membership.

To learn more about the Nomination Process and the Application Process you can view the AME Open House slides presented by Dr. Vineeth John, Chairman of the Academy.

Who can apply?

A goal of the Academy is to have diverse membership representing the many disciplines in health science education. The requirements for membership in the Academy will be strict. In general, membership in the Academy will be based on well-defined categories of excellence in education. Outstanding performance in any category will qualify a faculty for consideration for membership in the Academy. However, the candidate must document direct teaching responsibility for one or more of the following groups: medical students, dental students, graduate students, postdoctoral students, residents, fellows, faculty. The categories of excellence in education include, but are not limited to:

  • Direct teaching and student assessment
  • Development of enduring educational materials (e.g., curriculum development, instructional design/re-design, development of strategies and instruments to assess learner performance);
  • Advising, mentoring, or counseling;
  • Educational leadership;
  • Educational scholarship, including research.

The candidate must be a MMS full time or part time faculty member for a minimum of 3 years.

What is a Portfolio?
All online applications must follow the educational portfolio template provided by the Academy.  The Companion to the MMS Academy Educational Portfolio Template provides instructions and guidelines for preparing the educational portfolio and has five sections: Teaching and Assessment, Mentoring and Advising, Enduring Educational Materials, Educational Leadership, and Educational Scholarship.  The AME COMPANION TO PORTFOLIO information is succinct, and therefore might not answer all of your questions. For individual questions or personal coaching, you may contact Dr. Vineeth John.

Program Coordinator: Alicia Howard
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