Educator Portfolio

The Educator Portfolio is how you demonstrate excellence and impact of your educational efforts. It showcases what you’ve accomplished and helps you navigate your career goals. Specifically, the Educator Portfolio is an electronic compilation of supporting information and documents which highlight the impact of educational activities. It is designed to complement the CV by providing more detailed substantiating evidence for excellence in education. Your Educator Portfolio can demonstrate scope, quantity, and quality of your educational contributions.

The benefits of using the electronic Educator Portfolio are:

  • Electronic documentation storage (tracking of teaching and education efforts)
  • Standardized format
  • Useful in develop your promotion packet, grants, teaching awards, leadership positions, etc.
  • Required for induction into the McGovern Academy of Master Educators.
  • Facilitates annual faculty review
  • Guides self-evaluation of career trajectory

6 Components of the Educator Portfolio:

  1. Teaching and Assessment
    Document your teaching and assessment methods and the impact of your teaching.
  2. Mentoring, Advising, and Coaching
    Document your advising/mentoring activities detailing impact of these relationships.
  3. Curriculum Development
    Describe your innovations to curriculum design and their effectiveness.
  4. Products of Educational Scholarship
    List significant works of educational research and scholarship, including but not limited to manuscripts, book chapters, Podcasts, workshops, etc.
  5. Educational Service and Leadership
    Describe your approaches to educational service and leadership by highlighting your service areas such as program directorship, core teaching faculty appointments, and other education-related roles.
  6. Professional Development in Education
    List educational development activities in which you participated, including workshops and longitudinal educational development programs.