The Advocacy Committee is responsible for developing opportunities for member interactions and Academy publicity.

  1. It develops standards for AME publicity (e.g., a newsletter that highlights for the faculty and administration at McGovern Medical School and the Health Science Center the activities of the AME and its members).
  2. promotes monthly or quarterly socials that highlight current AME member activities.
  3. is responsible for AME web development.
  4. promotes AME member participation in the annual TEACH-S educational symposium.

Current Members:

Dr. Lauren Brollier
Dr. Rhashedah Ekeoduru
Dr. Monaliza Evangelista
Dr. Emma Ferguson
Dr. Vineeth John
VACANT (Chair)
Dr. Pamela Promecene
Dr. George Williams

The Journal Club Committee:

  1. organizes and recruits AME members for the Committee.
  2. develops and publicizes a monthly schedule of journal articles or topics for discussion (September-April).

Current Members:

Dr. Asha Bhalwal
Dr. Eugene Boisaubin (Professor Emeritus)
Dr. Amber Campbell
Dr. Phillip Carpenter (AME/Co-Chair)
Dr. Hilary Fairbrother
Dr. Sara Holcombe
Dr. Samuel Luber
Dr. Rebecca Lunstroth (Retired)
Dr. David Marshak
Dr. Sam Neher (OEP/Co-chair)
Dr. Adan Rios
Dr. Joshua Samuels
Dr. Latifa Sanhaji

The Faculty Mentoring Committee:

  1. organizes group and individual activities and consultations.
  2. provides junior faculty the guidance and support necessary to enhance their knowledge
  3. organizes and promotes the annual spring education workshop.

Current Members:

Dr. Jeffrey Actor (Retired)
Dr. Bindu Akkanti
Dr. Chiamaka Aneji
Dr. Max Buja (Retired)
Dr. Peggy Hsieh (Co-Chair)
Dr. Anneliese Gonzalez
Dr. Amalia Guardiola
Dr. Katie Guttenberg
Dr. David Hall
Dr. Katherine Loveland
Dr. Donald Molony
Dr. Srikanth Sridhar
VACANT (Co-Chair)
Dr. Robby Wesley

The Peer Coaching Group (AME-PCG) provides faculty teaching support through the observation –> feedback process. Peer Coaches are trained to observe faculty lectures, clinical instruction, and small group facilitation to provide faculty feedback. For more information, click here:

Current Members/Coaches:

Dr. Sasha Adams
Dr. Gabriel Aisenberg
Dr. Ben Barnett
Dr. Eliana Bonfante-Mejia
Dr. Michelle Barratt
Dr. Phillip Carpenter
Dr. Len Cleary (Professor Emeritus)
Dr. Tom Cole
Dr. Pratik Doshi
Dr. Anneliese Gonzalez
Dr. Amalia Guardiola
Dr. Sara Guzman-Reyes
Dr. Mark Hormann
Dr. Peggy Hsieh (Co-chair)
Dr. Travis Markham
Dr. Brandy McKelvy
Dr. Elizabeth Nugent
Dr. Philip Orlander
Dr. Allison Ownby (Co-chair)
Dr. Roy Riascos-Castaneda
Dr. Srikanth Sridhar
Dr. Erin Stimming
Dr. Eugene Toy
Dr. Dia Waguespack
Dr. Mark Warner
Dr. Priya Weerasinghe
Dr. John Zaki
Dr. Cristian Zeni
Dr. Han Zhang

The Education Scholarship – Learning Community fosters educational scholarship activities of AME members and other faculty at McGovern Medical School.

Current Members:

Dr. Gabriel Aisenberg (Co-chair)
Dr. Sujith Cherian
Dr. Renee Flores
Dr. Veronica Gonzalez
Dr. Richard Gordon
Dr. Syed Hashmi (Co-chair)
Dr. Peggy Hsieh
Dr. Amanda Jagolino-Cole
Dr. Emma Omoruyi
Dr. Roy Riascos-Castaneda
Dr. Manickam Kumaravel
Dr. Jennifer Swails
Dr. Priya Weerasinghe

The Membership Committee determines if applicants have met the AME teaching and scholarship standards as described in the educational portfolio template.

Current Members:

Dr. Elaheh Ashtari
Dr. Pamela Berens (Chair)
Dr. Asha Bhalwal
Dr. Nathan Carlin
Dr. Rhashedah Ekeoduru
Dr. Jonathan Findley
Dr. Gerard Francisco
Dr. Jonathan Giordano
Dr. Katherine Normand
Dr. Omonele Nwokolo
Dr. Deborah Pearson
Dr. Evan Pivalizza
Dr. Joyce Samuel
Dr. Cynthia Santos

The Standards Committee:

  1. defines and determines the procedures and process for faculty application to the Academy.
  2. refines the model portfolios to ensure that all faculty have a standard of reference for the application process.
  3. updates as needed the AME bylaws and election procedures.

Current Members:

Dr. Eugene Boisaubin (Professor Emeritus)
Dr. Daniel Felleman (Chair)
Dr. Nadia Hernandez
Dr. Mark Hormann
Dr. Rachel Jantea
Dr. Bela Patel
Dr. Christopher Stephens
Dr. Ana Ugueto
Dr. Naveen Vanga
Dr. Michael Weaver
Dr. Han Zhang