AME Peer Coaching Group

The purpose of peer coaching is to provide educators with the opportunity to reflect on and enhance the quality of their teaching. This is accomplished by having a fellow faculty member observe teaching and provide feedback in a non-threatening, supportive environment, with an emphasis on sharing ideas and reflecting on teaching practice. The goal of each observation activity is to focus on the educator’s needs and to build awareness about the impact of teaching practices on student learning. Peer coaching at UTHealth is supported by the Academy of Master Educators, who are dedicated to promoting and enhancing the professional development of educators.

Meet Our Coaches

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AME-PCG Peer Coaching Procedures

STEP 1: Pre-observation Meeting (any time before observation)

Peer observer and observee meet to

  1. provide background and context for teaching to be observed
  2. identify the focus of the observation (content, presentation, interactions, etc.)
  3. agree on the date, time, and duration of observation
  4. review instrument to be used during observation

STEP 2: Observation (Clinic or Classroom Setting)

  • Observation occurs, using pre-determined instrument
  • Take notes, complete observation rubric

STEP 3: Post-observation Meeting

Peer observer and observee schedule a face-to-face meeting within a week of the observation to

  1. discuss data collected
  2. provide feedback: include copy of completed rubric and letter with written feedback
  3. plan next steps: reflect on what changes to implement, what to continue doing, when you might want to meet/observe again