Academy of Master Educators (AME) Application Process

Phase 2: Application Process

  • Highlighted summary of the candidate’s outstanding educational contributions (see criteria);
  • Personal statements that includes:
    1. brief essay describing the candidate’s educational philosophy;
    2. enumeration of the candidate’s long-term educational goals;
    3. statement of commitment, including expected new (or continuing) contributions to the Academy;
  • List of professional development efforts in education;
  • Three (3) letters of support from peers (at least one from a faculty member at the home or other institutions) and learners who benefited from the educational expertise of the candidate.

Phase 2: Application Criteria (in addition to documented direct teaching)

Outstanding achievement in one or more of the following categories:

  • Direct teaching and assessment of learner performance;
  • Mentoring and advising;
  • Development of enduring educational materials (e.g., curriculum development, instructional design or re-design; development of assessment strategies and evaluation instruments)
  • Educational leadership;
  • Educational scholarship (dissemination, peer review, impact of education-related product).

Membership Selection: The Membership Committee selection criteria include,

  • Breadth and variety of the educational contributions;
  • Quantity of the educational contributions;
  • Quality of the educational contributions as measured by outcomes;
  • Innovation and impact of the educational contributions;
  • Scholarly activities related to education
  • Reputation as an educator;
  • Length of time at the health science center(s) with active involvement in educational effort.