Canvas Catalog Course Faculty Registration – Non-UTHealth

Add Non-UTHealth Faculty/Admins to Canvas Catalog System

You must have an account created in the Catalog system. If a course is not published yet and you are new to the UTHealth Catalog system, you will need to register an account through the Instructor Orientation course, then the coordinator/admin can add you to the course.

  1. Register for the Catalog Demo Instructor Orientation course at:
  2. Click the ENROLL button. On the next screen, to register a new account for the UTHealth Canvas Catalog system, enter your Name and Email Address then click the button Register New Account.

Canvas Catalog demo course for Instructor Orientation enrollment screen.

  1. On the Checkout screen, click on Enroll.

Canvas Catalog demo course for Instructor Orientation checkout screen.

  1. You will see the enrollment confirmation page. Do NOT click on the Go to Courses yet because you need to first set up your login information.
  1. Go to your email, and open the Welcome to Catalog message > Click Complete Registration.

Canvas Catalog welcome screen.

  1. On the Welcome Aboard screen, set up your password for the Canvas Catalog system and click on Register.

Canvas Catalog set up password screen.

  1. You should now see the Now go back to the Catalog Demo: Instructor Orientation course > Click on Go To Course.
  1. You should see the course homepage. There is no need to go through the modules since we just need you to be enrolled in the Catalog system. Please notify the coordinator/admin, so you can be added to the intended Canvas Catalog course to review/build the course.

Canvas Catalog course "Orientation for New Canvas Instructors" homepage.

Login link to the Canvas Catalog System for UTHealth users: or