ExamSoft Assessment Feedback

Accessing your Formative Assessment Report

  1. Go to the ExamSoft page for the medical school. Bookmark this page. https://ei.examsoft.com/GKWeb/login/uthmed
  2. Log in

ExamSoft login screen.

  1. Click on History at the top of your screen

ExamSoft student home screen with arrow pointing to Hisory tab.

  1. Select the assessment you would like to review and download the report by clicking on the green down arrow on the far right of the screen associated with that assessment

ExamSoft Assessments History screen arrow pointing to download icon.

Interpreting your Exam Taker Answer Report

The top portion of your score report is the Category report. This portion will show you the percentage score you received for Doctoring and Foundations questions followed by the percent correct for a given discipline. Following the Category report you will see the question set.

To determine your understanding for the week in each course:

ExamSoft Assessment details screen arrow pointing to Foundations score.

To determine what questions you struggled on and where you need to go to review the information:

ExamSoft assessment questions details screen.