Policy on Suspected Academic Dishonesty


  1. Any person with knowledge of academic dishonesty should submit a written statement of such allegations to the Vice Dean for Admissions and Student Affairs, who has authority and responsibility for administration of student discipline. It shall be his/her duty to investigate allegations that a student has violated the Regents’ Rules and Regulations.
  2. If the conduct of an examinee interferes with the testing conditions of other examinees and the examinee fails to respond to a warning, the chief proctor should escort the disruptive examinee from the testing room so that standardized conditions may be maintained.
  3. If an examinee is suspected of giving, copying, or otherwise receiving unauthorized information about the content of the examination while it is in progress, the following actions should be taken:
    1. Allow the examinee to complete the examination. Unauthorized items in the student’s possession during a test will be removed.
    2. Confirm the observation with at least one other proctor.
    3. If the examinee is scheduled for an additional part of the examination in the same location, discreetly move the examinee during the break to another location where it will not be possible for the examinee to observe the examination papers of any other examinee. If the examinee questions the reason for the move, explain that the seating change is being made to ensure the appropriate administration of the examination.
    4. If the incident involves written materials or recording, filming, or other electronic devices that may pose a risk to the security of the examination materials, do not permit the examinee to remove the materials or recording/filming devices from the room.
  4. Hearing procedures subsequent to allegations of academic dishonesty are governed by the Regents’ Rules and Regulations.
  5. In the event that a student’s disciplinary record includes a finding of academic dishonesty that indicates that he/she is not qualified to continue the study of medicine, it is the policy of the Medical School to seek a penalty of dismissal of the student from the Medical School.