Poll Everywhere Instructions

Log In to the Smartphone App

  1. Download the Poll Everywhere app to your smartphone:

Apple App Store            Google Play

QR codes for Poll Everywhere app at the Mac and Google Play stores.

  1. Tap the Log in button at the lower right corner of the screen
  2. Enter your UTHealth Email (username@uth.tmc.edu)
  3. Choose “Log in with UTHealth McGovern Medical School
  4. Use your UTHealth credential to log in

Poll Everywhere App location of Log in button and Log in information.


Log In to the Website

  1. Go to https://www.pollev.com/ (Links to an external site.)
  2. Click the Log in button at the top right corner of the screen then use your UTHealth credentials to log in.

Poll Everywhere Log in screen.

Please email: ms.edtech@uth.tmc.edu or contact Poll Everywhere directly at support@polleverywhere.com or call 800-388-2039 (7AM-7PM)