Webex Set Up Your UTHealth Personal Room

Go to UTHealth Webex at https://uthealth.webex.com/ > click on Sign In

Note: You must sign in to Webex at the above URL for your private room to be set up.

Location of the Sign In button on the Webex landing page.


On the next screen enter your UTHealth email > click the Next button > then enter your

Note: If you are asked to verify your email address just following the on screen directions.

Location of text entry boxes to sign in to your UTHealth Webex account.

You will now see your Home screen. From this screen you can:

A.  Select More ways to Join to locate the meeting number for your personal room and other ways to call in.

B.  Start a Meeting – this will open your personal room immediately and allow others to join when they search for your room.

C.  Schedule a Meeting to take place in your personal room at a later time.

D.  Use the Search bar at the top to find personal rooms for other students, faculty, and staff.

Location of the Search box, More ways to join, Start a meeting, and Schedule a meeting buttons on the Webex Home page.