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patientMany sinus procedures may be performed in an office setting. Balloon-only and conventional sinus endoscopic sinus techniques, as well as hybrid techniques that combine both of them, may be performed in the office setting in selected patients. Office procedures vary greatly in extent and complexity. Some surgeons will use equipment that was originally only available in a standard operating room. This allows for more complete and more complex procedures without the need for general anesthesia.

When sinus procedures are performed in an office setting, neither general anesthesia nor intravenous sedation are used. On occasion, patient may receive oral medications to provide some reduction of anxiety. Another alternative is NuCalm®.

NuCalm (from Solace Lifesciences, Inc.) helps induce a pre-sleep state without prescription drugs. Technically, the application of this technology creates a rapid induction of what is known as a parasympathetic hypnagogic dissociative state through a sustained parasympathetic dominance. Importantly, the NuCalm effect is rapidly reversed so that patients resume normal activities with no after-effects.

The set-up for NuCalm is quite simple:

NuCalm products

  1. A special cream of proprietary formula of dietary supplements is applied to the patient’s neck. (This compound is categorized “generally recognized as safe” by the FDA.)
  2. Light-blocking mass or glasses is used to cover the patient’s eyes to reduce optic nerve stimulation.
  3. Cranial electrotherapy simulation is applied via electrode patches placed below each ear lobe. (The FDA considers CES as class II medical device.)
  4. The patient wears a special headset that administers neuro-acoustic software. The software produces music that is designed to entrain brain wave function and produce a pre-sleep state. (This claim has not been reviewed by the FDA.)

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