Surgical Subspecialty Clerkship (SURG 3001)

General Information

The clerkship will be four weeks in duration. The entire neurosurgical service is divided into several large services, and the students will spend one week on each of four services. On the first day of the rotation, the medical students will meet the clerkship director (location and time will be given in the welcome email). A pre-test will be distributed at this meeting (or via email prior to the rotation) and must be completed by the following day. Each Monday the students will change services. All clerkship questions/problems/concerns should be directed to the course directors or resident liaisons.


All students will be expected to attend all lectures.  Failure to attend any lecture will be reflected on the student’s evaluation.  A list of the weekly lectures is included in the student handbook.

Clinical Duties

Students will be expected to function as integral members of their respective neurosurgical teams. Each service will have its own expectations but may include clinic, floor or ICU rounding, new consultations, operating room experiences, and didactic sessions. Each particular service will be outlines individually later in this handbook. The student will be given the opportunity to work with both residents and attendings. With regards to the OR, students will NOT be allowed to scrub on cases until they have completed a sterile technique orientation with our Neurosurgery pod RN. This will occur immediately after the initial meeting with the course directors and resident liaisons.

Specific Rotations

  • Trauma
  • Spine
  • Cranial
  • Pediatric

Supplemental readings/Webinars

A list of required readings and webinars is included in the student handbook. For a pdf of the student handbook, please email

For additional questions regarding the medical student rotations, contact:

Meredith Hamilton Suescun
Education Coordinator, Vivian L. Smith Department of Neurosurgery