Clinical Nurse Coordinator

At Gulf States Hemophilia and Thrombophilia Center (GSHTC), our Clinical Nurse (RN) Coordinators have advanced experience in treating adults and children with blood disorders.

Manage patient treatment

A clinical nurse coordinator provides direct patient care addressing the needs of those with blood disorders. They perform diagnostic work-ups, coordinate medication needs, administer in-clinic factor infusions, and provide training on medication administration.

Patient Education

GSHTC nurses are experts in bleeding and clotting disorders and teach patients and their families how to treat their condition confidently. Our clinical nurse coordinators educate one-on-one and at schools and communities.

Triage and Care Coordination

When you or your child have a blood disorder, critical issues cannot always wait for a scheduled appointment. GSHTC clinical nurse coordinators offer triage by phone to provide guidance and help you navigate potential emergencies. If you or your child need to go to the hospital, our nurses help provide referrals to hospitals as indicated.