Sickle Cell Disease

We provide a medical home to children with sickle cell disease, with personalized and comprehensive care throughout childhood. Each child has a dedicated physician and nurse team who will direct their care, providing preventive care, medical management, and home care coordination. Our goal is to enable each child to achieve a high quality of life, enhancing educational opportunities and striving for physical well-being. Our comprehensive sickle cell clinic includes screening for asthma, sleep disorders, and stroke. We work closely with Pediatric dentistry and ophthalmology to insure children receive adequate health maintenance. We have developed a transition process to help children develop independent life skills and ease the introduction to adult services. We work closely with our adult colleagues in UT-Houston Internal Medicine division of Hematology to facilitate a seamless transition.

We have 2 sickle cell clinics, one in the UT Physicians clinic building, and one in MD Anderson Cancer Center. Children with sickle cell disease who need hospital care are seen in the Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital, where the Pediatric Hematology team will direct their care.

Our sickle cell program is a referral center for the Texas Department of Health Services newborn screen program for Hemoglobinopathies. Our physicians and nurses are members of the TDHS Hemoglobinopathy Consultants Advisory Group. We have performed a Quality Improvement study to introduce screening for asthma in our sickle cell clinic, and have participated in a study on impact of sickle cell disease on education and employment.

The first annual Sickle Cell Walk was organized in 2013 to raise awareness of this condition.

Sickle Cell Team

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