New Directors of Medical Student Education

February 24, 2023

Congratulations to Drs. Ryan Rihani and Danielle White, our newest Directors of Medical Student Education.

Dr. Ryan Rihani has been appointed the Director of Medical Student Education, and Director of Fourth Year Anesthesiology Elective.  Dr. Danielle White has been appointed the Assistant Director of Medical Student Education, and Director of Third Year Anesthesiology Elective.

Dr. Ryan RihaniDr. Ryan Rihani grew up here in Houston.  He completed his undergraduate degree in Biomedical Engineering at Texas A&M University. Afterwards, Dr. Rihani worked at the Texas Heart Institute with the team of engineers responsible for the design of the BiVacor, the first total artificial heart. After finding his passion for medicine, he went on to complete medical degree, residency and fellowship in critical care medicine at the McGovern Medical School. Dr. Rihani is currently the only anesthesiology intensivist working in the Burn ICU and serves as the Burn Anesthesiology Pod Director in the operating rooms. He has spent a substantial amount of his time and energy in his first year as an attending physician dedicated to teaching and advising medical students. Since starting a combined anesthesiology & critical care medicine special elective for medical students, he has had several students express interest and rotate with him. Dr. Rihani also serves as a faculty mentor for many of those medical students, working towards developing long-term relationships with the future of our profession.


Dr. Danielle WhiteDr. Danielle White is also a native Texan. After completing her undergraduate degree in Chemistry at Xavier University in Louisiana, she made her way to the McGovern Medical School where she completed her anesthesiology residency and obstetric anesthesiology fellowship and has been committed to progressing its mission ever since. Given her commitment to fostering a diverse and inclusive educational community, she has devoted her time to mentoring residents, medical students, and high school students. She currently serves as Co-director of Education for the Obstetric Anesthesia Rotation along with Dr. Kendra Brown.

Drs. Rihani and White will be coordinating their efforts, under the mentorship of Dr. Markham, towards the enrichment and advancement of the medical student education during the anesthesiology rotations as well as developing sustainable relationships with our future colleagues.

We want to thank Drs. Travis Markham and Lauren Brollier for handling these duties for the past six years.