Center for Perioperative Medicine

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The Center for Perioperative Medicine (CPM) is a multi-disciplinary, interdepartmental research program focused on discovering novel therapeutic approaches to improve outcomes in surgical patients, and patients requiring emergency medicine or critical care. Founded in early 2018 under the leadership of Holger Eltzschig, MD, PhD, the center integrates physician scientists and basic scientists from different departments and institutions at McGovern Medical School in order to leverage excellence in clinical care and research expertise.

The primary goal of the center is to provide a collaborative environment for exchanging ideas, sharing data and resources, and developing multiple project grants. In addition, the center hopes to assist junior scientists in becoming independent researchers. Currently, the CPM includes representatives from anesthesiology, surgery, orthopedic surgery, critical care medicine, emergency medicine, pediatrics, transplantation, hepatology, pulmonary medicine, diabetes research, and oncology.