Faculty Development

The mission of the Department of Anesthesiology Faculty Development Team is to provide faculty members with a supportive environment in which to thrive professionally throughout the course of their career. We offer guidance to assist faculty with tapping into their maximum potential by achieving clinical and professional milestones such as obtaining board certification and licensure, and overcoming hurdles that may arise along their professional path.

Leadership Team
Stephen Larson, DMDStephen M. Larson, DMD
Team Leader
KatherineNormandKatherine C. Normand, MD
Team Leader
CattanoDavide Cattano, MD, PhD, FASA, CMQDr. Rhashedah EkeoduruRhashedah A. Ekeoduru, MD
LiangYafen Liang, MDOmonele Nwokolo, MDOmonele O. Nwokolo, MD
ColleenRodriquezColleen Rodriquez, MD