Neuroanesthesiology is one of the many strengths in the Department of Anesthesiology at McGovern Medical School. Our partnership with Memorial Hermann Hospital–Texas Medical Center creates a robust experience in neuroanesthesia for our residents, medical students, and fellows. We perform anesthetics for a great variety of neurosurgical procedures, such as traumatic brain injury, tumor resection, and functional neurosurgery including deep brain stimulators, intrathecal pump placement, and epilepsy surgery. Open vascular neurosurgery, like AVM resection and aneurysm clipping as well endovascular neurosurgical procedures represent a significant portion of our caseload. Additionally, the neuroanesthesia division takes care of patients undergoing spine surgery both of traumatic and nontraumatic pathology. Complex spine surgery for deformity spine covers a big portion of the overall elective spine procedures.

Current procedural caseloads average is greater than 2,000 per year. Eight operating rooms (of which one being a hybrid endovascular room) and two endovascular suites are presently the dedicated anesthetizing locations specific to neurosurgery.


Ferrario-Lara-webLara Ferrario, MD
Director, Neuroanesthesiology Division
Program Director, Neuroanesthesiology Fellowship
Professor, Anesthesiology