Bariatric Anesthesiology

Memorial Hermann–Texas Medical Center specializes in weight loss (bariatric) surgery for morbidly obese patients, providing a dedicated floor with private rooms and specially trained nurses and staff attuned to the specific needs of weight loss patients. Anesthesia residents and attendings provide anesthesia and post anesthetic care for morbidly obese patients undergoing surgical weight loss procedures. Staff understands the perioperative considerations and anesthetic management of the morbidly obese patient undergoing weight loss surgery and are able to understand and treat any basic anesthetic complications following anesthesia. Residents rotate through a one month bariatric anesthesia block. Under the supervision of the anesthesia faculty, residents are to evaluate, understand and manage morbidly obese patients with difficult airways and complex medical problems.


William Daily, M.D.William Daily, MD
Director, Bariatric Anesthesiology Division
Associate Professor, Anesthesiology