ENT Anesthesiology

The Head and Neck Anesthesia Surgical Service by the Department of Anesthesiology at UTHealth works with the surgical services of ORL, OMF, plastic, ophthalmology, as well as neurosurgery and general surgery,  to provide care to patients necessitating surgical procedures in the head or neck (benign and malignant pathologies, trauma and burns, congenital and esthetical-functional).

Our patient population comprises healthy and sick patients, often referred by other surgical centers for high-level acuity, complications or aggravated conditions. Our skilled surgical teams are among the top in the nation within their specialties and are centers for excellence and referrals for complicated surgical procedures.

Our service of anesthesiology is committed to compassionate care while providing the highest level of quality management even in situations and conditions of high severity and serious aggravated medical comorbidities.

Our dedicated team of experts in airway management, critical care and trauma care, is trained to respond to the most difficult scenarios. From the simplest to the most complicated pathology and surgery, our team will care for patients and family members to assure quality, safety, prompt and clear communication, effective explanation of anesthesia risks, most common and expected complications, and an absolute commitment to personalized medicine.


CattanoDavide Cattano, MD, PhD, FASA
ORL Service Chief for Head and Neck Anesthesia
Professor, Anesthesiology