Non-Operating Room Anesthesia

Memorial Hermann Hospital, Texas Medical Center boasts a large collection of Non-Operating Room Anesthetic locations. Having the opportunity to practice anesthesia in each of these unique environments provides residents with an expansion of their comfort level with their developing skills and anesthetic techniques.

NORA locations include:

  1. GI Lab: In-house GI procedure site
  2. DDC – The Digestive Disease Center: Outpatient GI Cases
  3. IR – Interventional Radiology
  4. INR – Interventional Neuro Radiology
  5. MRI
  6. CT
  7. HCPC – Harris County Psychiatric Center: Electro-Convulsive Therapy (ECT)
  8. Gamma Knife

These locations combined produce over 1000 cases per month which provides significant opportunity for experience.

Stacy Norrell, MD
Director, Non-Operating Room Anesthesiology Division
Assistant Professor, Anesthesiology