Clinical Research in Progress Seminars

In an effort to promote our department’s clinical research activities and support our clinical faculty in advancing their academic careers, we host monthly Clinical Research in Progress (C-RIP) seminars. The goals for these sessions include

  • Promoting and facilitating clinical research
  • Inspiring faculty and creating new ideas for clinical research
  • Exchanging information among group members and providing opportunities for networking
  • Updating faculty on the progress of ongoing projects to elicit feedback and suggestions from our team
  • Discussing new research methodologies and tools, improving the quality of our clinical research, and optimizing our scientific presentation and manuscript preparation skills.

Topics include hypothesis generation, study design, data collection and analysis, IRB preparation, and manuscript preparation.

We require all faculty who have received research support through the research time award or another departmental award to attend.

Internal IRB committee members are strongly encouraged to attend these meetings and a statistician will be at the sessions to facilitate the discussion and answer questions.

Trainees are always welcome and encouraged to attend!