Published Works & Lectures


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  • Cardiac Arrest Secondary to Severe Neurocardiogenic Syncope and Dysautonomia in Children and Adolescents during Head Up Tilt Test (HUTT). M.T. Numan, R. Alnajjar, I.J. Butler. 62nd Annual Scientific Session and Expo. San Francisco, CA, March, 2013.
  • Small Fiber Neuropathy in Adolescents with Neurocardiogenic Syncope and Dysautonomia. S. Moody, M. Belton, P. Mancias, M.T. Numan, I.J. Butler, K. Sheikh. 35th Annual Carrell-Krusen Neuromuscular Symposium. Dallas, TX, February 2013. J of Clinical Neuromuscular Disease 14(3), 2013.


  • Internal Medicine Cardiology Grand Rounds – UT Health, “Neurocardiogenic Syncope and Dysautonomia”. Houston, Texas 2013
  • Dysautonomia: Awareness and Advancement. Medical Overview. Houston, Texas 2013