Bone and Joint X-Rays

Answer: Thank you for contacting the Bone and Joint Ask an Imaging expert forum. Our expert says that if the pain doesn’t go away within a few days or is very uncomfortable, your daughter should see a doctor, either an orthopedic specialist or a general practitioner or family medicine doctor. The doctor will be able to decide what kind of imaging test to order, or if any imaging test is needed. In general, an injury that occurred by banging into something (such as falling to the ground on her elbow), could result in an injury to the bone. In this case, an x-ray would be able to tell if the bone has been damaged. You would then want the doctor to help decide what kind of treatment might be needed. If the injury happened because of twisting or overuse, it is more likely to have caused injury to the tissues around the bone, and an MRI is more likely to be able to tell what kind of injury occurred. If you do not have a doctor, you can find one of our excellent UT physicians on this website or by calling 1-888-488-3627.

Answer: Thank you for contacting the Bone and Joint Imaging Ask an Expert Forum. It appears from your question that you do not know of any specific injury that might have led to this problem, and that it is something that has been happening fairly recently, over time. It is unusual for a person to have an injury due to sleep position, muscles tight enough to cause deformity, or structural deformities that have not been noticed prior to adulthood, but these are a few of several possible causes. Radiologists may be able to detect these issues, but your examination should begin by getting a complete history and physical exam in our beautiful, new orthopedic department at 6400 Fannin Street, Suite 1700. The orthopedic physician can then consult with the radiologist about the best imaging for your condition. The nice thing about this department is that you will be able to have your imaging done at the same location. Our imaging specialists are board certified and experienced. Please call 1-888-488-3627, or visit the website to make an appointment to have this problem evaluated.